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Welcome to my forbidden blog. The one that gets me banned from sites. Lol

Posted: 9 months ago - May 20, 2023

Well I'm here right now I'm going to pull this up on my computer so I can actually type it with a keyboard however just chilling here feeling on my profile never knew about this site it's pretty fresh I'm pretty excited and I'm sitting here watching some p*** I don't even lie and I don't know I guess it's the day I got to figure out what I'm going to do for the day I would love to sit back and talk with me how beautiful ladies out there but I must be patient anyways check this my blog from time to time cuz I can write them pretty funny intense and f***** up twisted stuff sometimes but I do it out of like a humor I guess you know I'm kind of dark humor but all right I don't really know what else the hell to say except I love non binary woman and I wanna show one lucky girl what real love is. I wanna be her man and take care of her and love her. Of course I desired to be loved and appreciated back as well. I. Gon end this entry for now. Untill next time.

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